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Token Allocation

🔅 Total supply: 10,000,000 KPX

🔅 Private sale supply: 2,000,000 KPX

🔅 Pre-Farming supply: 1,000,000 KPX

🔅 Bounty supply: 500,000 KPX

🔅 Company Reserve: 1,000,000 KPX

🔅 Kapex Lending Pool: 500,000 KPX

🔅 Team Tokens: 0 KPX

🔅 Pre-Farming Price: $0.48

🦄 UniSwap Listing: Next day after Pre-Farming

🦄 UniSwap Price: $1.5

🔅 Bounty lock period: 150 days

🔅 Unlock conditions: 25% per month

🔅 Token distribution: After PreFarming

Pre Farming information step-by-step:

1️⃣ Pre-Farming will start on December 25th

2️⃣ The Pre-Farming info will be sent to…

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Kapex Price Oracle is predicting an asset price by evaluating various factors like its supply, demand, mass media, Legislative changes, Total Addressable Market (TAM), Percentage of token market penetration, Turnover rate, Number of coins in circulation and more other factors.

It should be noted that within the framework of the native protocol, any crypto-asset serves as a means of exchange, accumulation or unit of account.

KAPEX Oracle protocol uses the following formula: M х V = P х Q where:

M (Monetary base) — the size of…

We’re bringing Double Farming back and making it even easier.

All DeFi projects strive to create the perfect product but they all are very similar to each other. How many Uniswap or Curve clones already exist? Why do you need to make 100 coins that have the same meaning… There are 99% of DeFi projects with such tabs: Staking, Farming, Loans etc. Boredom!

We have developed a completely innovative farming model and called it Multi Farming. What is it? Let’s figure it out.

When faced with staking and farming in the DeFi space, your options are always limited. This is…

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One of the most common services offered by the financial industry is lending and borrowing. This is made possible by the concept of secured lending.

Entrepreneurs can borrow the capital they need to start a business by collateralizing the business.

On the other hand, accumulated wealth can be lent out and become capital for creditors. This system reduces the risk that borrowers will flee with borrowed funds. However, this system requires some form of trust and mediation. Banks assume the intermediary role and trust is maintained…

One day ago we introduced Kapex decentralised exchange, the new fairer way to trade.

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Today, we’re releasing the absolutely new way of decentralised finance! Kapex is the decentralised financial protocol packed with an astonishing access to innovative DeFi instruments and derivative assets enabling full market participation for potential superior returns.

Risk-free and quasi-risk-free assets which previously had a fairly high yield in the World are becoming less attractive. This is confirmed by a decrease in deposits’ interest rates; a reduction of profitability of fiat market as well as lower yields of investment insurance.

Maintaining this trend will lead to the…


DeFi Market Participation For Superior Returns

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